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January 31, 2009 3 comments

Let me begin by admitting that this show has been driving me nuts, bewildered, and is the only one ever I am absolutely hooked with. It is the only series that keeps me waiting for the entire week for a new episode, and an entire year for a new season. Fifth season of this series was aired only three episodes back.  Let me say, the only way to catch up with this show is to watch it from Season One, and to watch it in high definition. It is a show that has the ability to get yourself in front of the television with each passing episode. It has love, romance, thrill, adventure, mystery, science, faith…and it is no nonsense. It is very rare for show to be so outstanding even in its fifth season.

So, what is this show all about ?

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Craziest game of cricket

My recent following of television series is The Last One Standing, Discovery’s reality show on how six athletes take up the challenge of playing tribal sports in remote tribal areas of earth, on their terms. I am loving it. So far, from what I have followed, athletes have been to South America, Zulu, Mongolia, Mexico, Nagaland and South Pacific. I loved the venture of the last one since the challenge was cricket, a game with which I can claim to recognize a bit, though I surely don’t know how to use a bat.

The game of cricket was the craziest and most funniest I have ever seen. They dance on the fall of wickets and this dance is a pride. And one has to learn it to play this game of cricket. There is an octopus dance on catch out, some other kinda dance for run outs, other for clean bowled… and there are songs too accompained with it.

You absolutely have to see this tribal game of cricket before ninja brings it down.

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