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The Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers is a dark comedy about America troops stationed in Germany. This reminds me of the setup make in Puzo’s book “The Dark Arena”. I have to admit that I am liking Joaquin Phoenix despite that twitch on his face.

The American troops have their own little black market thing going on just before the fall of Berlin Wall. Elwood is a bored troop who runs successful black market deals on mopping the floor liquid, paid for by the American government; cooking heroin at exactly 85F for the the Military people; Selling arms and weapons to the Germans. And all this changes when a new top officer arrives with a beautiful daughter. He hates Elwood and has spies in the network to find out about these black markets. Just to piss off this top officer, Elwood asks his daughter out on a date. Oh, well and they actually fall in love.

He catches his daughter and Elwood having sex in Elwood’s Black super shiny Car. Next day Sergeant awakens all his troops, including Elwood for a military drill. A military shooting drill, and they have to drill holes in Elwood’s super shiny car with Elwood in hold of the heaviest gun. And thus the movie continues.

Does the market of Black market survive the new Sergeant ? I don’t reveal all the secrets you know 😉

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