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On way to Niagara

After reading this post some of you might accuse me of exposing people’s life or could choose to sue me for the popular invasion of privacy. I don’t do that, nor does it interest me. People do that themselves. After all strangers could be anyone and anything.

I like travelling for all its reasons. Meeting new people, new food, new attractions, and spending money. Tourism is way more of a choice now. You probably cannot afford to (love) travelling when a 500 ml water bottle is sold for 2 dollars and 75 cents at a vending machine, at a place that has world’s most voluminous falls. Unaware of this fact, I decided to travel to Niagara falls, the most sought after place in the world. The day began at 4 AM, when I took a bus via St. Catharine, a place known for beautiful vineyards.

As with last time, I encountered an American-raised Indian beside me. The bus was almost full, and I was left with no choice but the seat next to her. I never knew that this blog entry was in store.


“Are you on vacation?”
“Just be careful there..”
“Why, they rip you off ?”
“Yeah, they will say its costly but its not .. “
“Thanks. You stay there?”
“Nice place to stay”

And then the greatest late 20th century invention rang. Cell phones are one of those cool things which everyone wants – A gizmo that can store millions of things including movies. It soon stops becoming a fascination and starts being a peace breaker. I have heard of ring tone phobias where people do things unknowingly in sleep when the cell rings.  Or, I have read about how talking on cell phones can damage your brain cells in long run.

Honestly, I had no choice but to hear the conversation. Since, waking up at 4 AM is not fun and sitting beside a young lady who could potentially rupture her brain cells over the next ten years is heart rendering.

“Good Morning..I am in bus, woke up damn early to get up to this thing”
“How is life?”
“Will reach Niagara falls in a while…”

And so the saga for next 2 hours started. It included the various echo effects that reminded me of some family dramas.

“Why did go to my gas station?”
“To get gas.”
“You are such a liar.”
“Not at all”
“You went there because you wanted to see me”
“I went for gas”
“You could have gone for any gas station. I know you. You are a big liar.”

That was the start and enough to guess who the other person was.  Did I mention the blush ? There were some counts of who was dating whom. These names I will keep secret for privacy purposes, not mentioning I don’t care to remember them. The young lady kept on talking on the cell and claimed that her battery was dying.

They argued constantly. She kept on saying “Shut up and listen to me” even though she was the only person I could hear.

“Look, when I broke up with you I knew who you were. I would rather go lesbian than hook up with you again, how about that? “
“You never cared.”
“I never cared? Hello? It was I who stood in front of my father and said ‘Dad, I have found the guy of my life, please meet him and his family’. It was I who came at your place for meals with my family. Did you do that? It as never easy. My mother told me the reality about you.”

“What would that be ?”
“You lied to me about your education, university, your age, your family’s business, every single thing.”
“How did she know?”
“Your mom told mine.”
“Damn! “
“Don’t blame on me the breakup, teach your mom to keep her mouth shut.”

Whole of her life story was standing in front of me, waiting for the right person. She hung up and told him she would call again, some money saving ideas. She called up again. We had crossed St Catherine’s by then, and Niagara was few minutes away. She called up and asked if he was still in bed.

“Yeah, sleeping”

Ring tone phobia? Nah. I don’t deny exceptions.

“Wake up and freshen yourself and come on the station to get me. If I were married to you, I would be going for a divorce. “

They talked about Universities and graduation for next few minutes. And about how his new girl was.

A woman will argue until she feels the man has no choice but to agree. Smart woman don’t argue, they find a man who can only agree. Educated woman will know there is no such thing as winning the argument with the one you love. The more you give up, more convenient the relationship grows. 

“Let us see if we get married in three years after we graduate.”

Love, after all, comes in all flavours.

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  1. July 14, 2008 at 7:06 am

    Shackled existence never finds peace in either agreement or disagreement; it awaits only eventual fall. A mighty falls is just a split-second journey between those two forms of existences; its beauty signifies only the presence, neither the past nor the future.
    Relationship is wider expanse alike ocean where tempest can rage for a while, waves may seem impatient to revolt, and the world may seem sequestered by threatening events; yet it bears hopes of a bright sunshine soon.
    Enjoyed the way your expressions unfolded !
    Best wishes,

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