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The Beam from the Crevice

Its a sunny day, yet chilly. The clouds wants to pour but they don’t get a chance because the sun won’t let them.

It is so unlike yesterday when the largest star of the universe with all its might struggled to peep through the narrow cleft between two clouds.


That’s what we are at times of our life. Unsure;uncertain, yet confident of defeating the conundrum. We wait for that crevice to be visible once again.

Perhaps it always was but the complex human mind that tries to rationalize every passing moment, that is lost in choice of plenty, choice of none, forget that the beam was always there from the crevice. It was just winter.

We feel but natural and are blind to the obvious. Our open eyes don’t see the natures unpredictability. Let go off the crevice for a while. Forget rationality. Live in present – for past is not in control, future will come soon, present is all you have got in hands.  Take a look from where the beam came. He is still locating a narrow cleft.

I saw a Youtube video about a man holding the greatest collection of Maugham in the world. So, I read The Kite by Maugham – a story of a man and woman, freedom and jealousy. It reminds me my passion for Maugham and teaches me an important lesson that you should never stop a person pursuing a passion as silly as it may seem. They might identify with it. It is their way of letting go of the life’s troubles; it is their way of relaxing; it is their way of liberty and happiness. You cannot shun people from their happiness for only a happy person can keep the surroundings happy. It’s a beam from a crevice already known.

Reading Maugham is the best thing that happens to me. I forget he is always there. I should know the obvious.

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  1. May 5, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Yes, the beam is always there !
    It only seeks for the deliverance in rekindling the flame of resurrection in the soul of an ardent beholder.
    It’s so sacred a thought ! Thanks for sharing it !

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