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It is wise to accept that no man can be complete in himself. There are things in life you cannot do. It is not a defeat to accept it. But by embracing it you respect the presence of other men around you.

Maugham said perfection is trifle dull. There is no joy in perfection. What is the life worth of that has no joy? There is more joy in trying and learning a new thing than achieving perfection which is nothing but destruction of the essence of learning. 

Every moment of life is a lesson to learn. Perfection, completeness has nothing to offer.

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  1. Saibal Barman
    March 28, 2008 at 6:49 am

    It reminds me of a mathematical puzzle :–
    Assume you have a mile to go and you propose to control your journey according to a defined function of walking half of the entire stretch on the first day, half of half on the second, half of half of half on the third, and so on by reducing distance to be covered in each day as half of what was traversed on its previous day. How long will it take to complete the journey–would it be ever completed ?
    This is a classical example of a finite but unbounded sequence. Perfection is one such place just a mile away. But, if you don’t assume its presence just that far, there is no meaning ( or a reason behind ) to even attempt going. Philosophically, perfection is a faculty of the Absolute Mind, so it is unattainable to human consciousness; and, therefore, there remains no fear to attain it and be pensively destroyed.
    It’s absolutely true that life and every moment it experiences is a lesson to learn, and it may also be plausible to even hold that perfection is not a goal behind every application of human learning process, but can a human being hold the desire of learning aflame in mind without imagining about something relatively perfect and in esteemed stage, an Absolute completeness ? If on attaining it hypothetically it loses the essence of learning, without having it at all in mind will lead to seed of learning to germinate even.
    Obviously, it is how I have looked upon this issue and feel nice to share–for not to dispute or debate over how you felt, but to honour that dull unattainable state, which has eluded me for life to set newer and newer mirages to go after the golden deer–and my pursuit has only benefited me in living in this beautiful world and will probably contribute more meaningfully towards my leaving too..
    Shefali, I am thankful to you for letting me a space to express what I’ve really enjoyed to do…….
    My best wishes,

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