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Albert Snow

So, today is sunny and a really beautiful day. I have never awaited Spring or Summer so badly as I do now. Come summer and I can wear those nice skirts, sandals, nice black goggles and cut my hair short. I started with the last one in the list, hair cut at Albert Snow.

My room-mate Leslie recommended me to this Hair design group. Later on Larisa says: “I hope you get your hair cut by Courtney, she is a expert in curls and is young and nice”…

They gave me an appointment for 9.00 AM. With this harsh winters, its the time at wake up at. Nevertheless to break the jinx I accepted it. I started my 20 minutes walk to Albert Snow in Westdale at 8.40. It was a nice big enough saloon with small entrance. Warm and welcoming. I told them I have an appointment at 9, she asked for my coat and welcomed me to a seat. A young white blonde welcomed me, and asked what did I want to do. I said layers, and I need to get them shorter so that they are more manageable.

She asked me to take a seat at a nice place so that s he could wash my hair. I laid my hair in the little sink they had and then they washed my hair with shampoo, warm shower and massaged it a bit. I told myself, can I get this done from you guys everyday ? I loved it. Someone washing my hair, the warm shower striking my head, the massage, ..a few more minutes and I would have been asleep and relaxed. No room for that kind of luxury.

DSCN0637Courtney cut my hair nicely. She then applied curl up balm, mousse and then used the diffuser  to give it nice style. It was satisfactory, in fact more than just that. I love my new hairstyle, so does everyone else. I gave her Larisa’s reference and she asked, “Blond Larisa” ? Yeap. I told about her brother, Devin, too. She told a story about how she once kept on talking to Devin about brown-haired Larisa while he thought she was talking about blonde one. Well I paid the fees and then embarked on return journey to office.  I had my first haircut in Canada.

Albert Snow. Do visit it. 


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  1. March 27, 2008 at 4:05 am

    You don’t have to wait for summers to cut your hair now – do you? The cut does look good though!

  2. March 27, 2008 at 9:27 am

    nah, but summer is a good reason to get shorter hair. 🙂

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