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Growing up with Cats and Dogs

I have never had pets. But my relatives do have them so I knew that having cats and dogs is no easy job. You need to take a lot of care to make sure they are clean, hygienic and harmless but every thing is paid back, or probably nothing was paid when you get love, friendship and attention from them. When I was a kid growing up along the streets of Ahmedabad, I would see people taking their dogs to walk with chain attached to their necks. I would fancy myself taking my dog to walk some day. I knew that would never happen since dad said – "First, learn to take care of yourself then I will get one for you." He had a point. Its been more than 6 months away from home, I can take care of myself and I have cat and dog, can we have one now ?

It is amazing to grow up or live with animal pets. My room mate got a cat few months back. He was 5 months kitten, too big to be called a kitten and was named Rasputin. We call him, Rasp, Devil, Columbus, so probably he will never get used to Rasputin. He is naughty, mischievous and gets hyper at times. He is really a cute cat, with innocence of "What? I did not do it, sweet heart" on his face when he spills a glass of water on the floor with all purpose of keeping us on toes.

When you wake up in the morning, he will crawl between your legs – happy to see somebody in house besides the darkness of night. You might have to fill up his water or food bowl if he is biting your feet. His teeth hurt for sure, so do his claws. The poor soul sleeps all afternoon when no one’s at home, is on his top form at night when everyone’s asleep, and hungry in the mornings. His presence in the house makes sure that you are not alone, and he is always at the door step to welcome you when you unlock the door to enter and at the window of the stairs saying you bye when you lock him in for the day.

You might hate him when he bites you while you  are caressing him or when he pounces on your back unexpectedly while zipping up your shoe on the green couch. But you want him to wait for you to come home, to make noise to shun quietness, to get bitten for you to get angry and …

My landlord has another pet, she is called Maggie and is a therapeutic dog. The kids having difficulty with reading, read aloud to her and overcome their fears.  She visits us once a week and when she sees me she starts jumping over me, licking me to express her love and feelings. She likes to sleep on my bed too, she always wants to be in my room even though it is very untidy. She is bulkier than Rasputin, who is very active and playful. He has an upper hand over the dog. He bites her, jumps over her and Maggie runs for cover all over the place, at times asking for shelter from people in the house. It is really fun to grow up with pets, they are like small kids, running everywhere, playing, fighting, loving, cute.

I will get a dog for myself when I am earning enough to take care of one. Its a new love out here.


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  1. Saibal Barman
    February 21, 2008 at 3:23 am

    It’s nice to see that the baby still has her innate presence within you…
    The mirth in knowing is nearer to soul than the knowledge itself. Your last two posts reveal such innocent expression…
    Every dad loves to see his baby to take care of that innocent joy while taking on life…
    So does your dad, so do I…and, it’s so pleasing to learn that you’re doing it so nicely…
    Wish the baby rules for ever in you….
    Take care,

  2. February 24, 2008 at 6:32 am

    A very cute post. 🙂

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