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I did a little cooking venture today – Pancakes. For every person who knows me also know that there has never been a worse cook. For the rest that’s some additional knowledge.


It is said that every Canadian’s favourite breakfast is pancakes with maple syrup. I did not have Maple Syrup but I had Caramel-like honey. So what it takes to make a pancake. A batter.

DSCN0565It needs to have at least 4 kinds of flour, wheat, little barley, rye, corn, baking powder, But if you are me all you would do is buy a 4 Dollar no-name old-fashioned pancake mix. Take a cup of it. Add a cup of milk to it, one large egg and one table spoon of melted butter, or margarine with less fat. Mix it well, with no flour clots. The batter should be liquid.


DSCN0567Heat a pan until a drop of water vanishes in style with noise. Then add little oil, less than half small spoon. Pour two larger spoons of batter on it. The batter has sufficient density to hold itself from not flowing away, and the heated pan adds to it. After a while you will see pores on its surface. It indicates that the pancake is dark brown at the other end. Turn it, with no fear of breaking it and cook until the other side gets cooked. Serve with honey or maple or jam or fruits. Your choice.

DSCN0569I ain’ all that disastrous cook after all. I also have a brownie mix, lets see when do I get a chance to make them. Oh, and the Pancakes tasted nice. Of course, I am praising myself. Remember, who made the pancakes?





DSCN0571 Pancakes with Caramel-like Honey and Bananas. 30 minutes for 4 pancakes and 10 to devour them.

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  1. February 23, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    They look good 🙂 And thanks for the instructions – may be will use them sometime.

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