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The List of 30 !

It’s been 3 months and 2 days since I left home and it’s time to list things that have been part of my life here, the excitements, what I am missing… You can figure out the category, for sure. I will use the numbering system, though its not my way of writing. But a list is always good with the numbers.

  1. I love my neighbourhood. It’s beautiful and the trees around make it much more beautiful in the Fall.
  2. There is more reason to it. I can’t stop noticing, and I was willing to write this for a while that my neighbourhood has everything for convenience. A convenience store to stock your kitchen to keep you alive and the Funeral House in case you die. Right from survival to death!
  3. The Winter here ensures that every other day, every single moment is a struggle. I conquered -9C.  I curse the chilliness of winter here but then I cannot stop loving it.
  4. I love Williams and Starbucks Coffee. I have always been addicted to caffeine, and I am soon going to buy a brewer.
  5. Campbell Tomato soup, pancakes, apple pies, subway vegetable sandwich, chicken, mashed potatoes, cookies, shredded Cheddar, Ceaser salad without beef, Italian Soda, Juices, Fries, and I realised the importance of Indian food and proteins.
  6. Hamilton has not so good Indian diaspora.
  7. Chocolates!! – I wish I could live on that.
  8. I have turned into a shopping girl which I never was. Hard on my wallet though.
  9. 3 Months and I have a laptop with web-cam, cell phone which I never had in India and will get a camera soon which I had in India.
  10. I like the madness in air. It’s drunkenness, intoxication, and romance.
  11. I like going to Pubs and Bars serving Italian soda and well, OK, Iced tea.
  12. I have cool winter gear – jackets, scarfs, mufflers, thermals, caps, gloves, snow boots. They keep me warm.
  13. I miss Hindi ! 😦
  14. The skies when its clear and bright. Oh! what beauty. But that happens only on weekdays – days that are not weekends.
  15. I am so excited about the pure white snow flakes that make the air chillier and wind strong. First Snowfall is always beautiful.
  16. The dark red colour of Fall is seductive.
  17. My cabinet at office has a desktop on it and is unorganized like my room. That’s so much like me
  18. While back home, in a boring job I was crying to leave the place. Here I cry to make sure I stay back..you guessed it right, you EARN graduate degree the hard way.
  19. Loneliness here is not good. It is a very individualistic society.
  20. Acceptance of others. More than 80% of Canadians are Immigrants. They have background – I have Indian and my roommate has Finnish and her boyfriend German.
  21. I pay lot of taxes. I remember the lady at Alia, from where I got my winter coat, saying – “We pay tax on taxes, don’t get me started”.
  22. You a Canadian? Heath Insurance is covered by the provincial government for no fee !
  23. Its safe even to walk at 1 AM on the streets.
  24. Did you realize the taxes..oh! don’t get me started!
  25. I like free rides in Hamilton in HSR – Hamilton Street Railway – only if you are a student and I am!
  26. Diversity teaches you a lot. People that you meet towards your road to graduation teach you all things the hard way!
  27. I like the Gyms here. People are so health conscious here yet obesity is a scare and there are awareness camps for Flue.
  28. Let me tell you a secret, I am not here to study but travel and see the world. And on my list are, atleast : Toronto, States, Niagara and my birthplace, Montreal . And, I am excited at the thought of it!
  29. I think I have accented English. I talk in Hindi and Gujarati with my friends in States. English with friends here. Marathi back home!
  30. My landlords are the best you can have. No substitute. Only love.

I am returning home for vacation this August and that tops the list though it is at the bottom. It was a surprise dear !

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  1. Nirav
    November 30, 2007 at 8:32 pm

    Nice list 🙂

  2. December 1, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Sure dear !

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