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The Conflict

You look around in hope to find Fall.
You look around to meet eyes, you see tears drop.
You look around for hand, they are protected from chilly breeze.

Good friends are not found often in life, most people are passer by’s. Not surprisingly these passer-by’s teach you a lot. And they teach you that hope is what you cannot get in Fall. It’s not easy to walk along the streets of Hamilton in Fall. It is chilly, and you have to put your hands in your leather jacket. It can rain and you are just rich enough to afford an umbrella that fits you and your backpack in. But its beautiful. How often do we say, beauty is that which satisfies the soul? Does Fall satisfy your soul or the Hope?

There is love in air, and pain in heart.
There is always a fear of falling apart

The chilly breeze makes lovers walk arm in arms. Love and pain go hand in hand. Pain finds comfort in Love. Love delivers Pain. The maples find comfort in swaying away while its branches can only shed tears. How strange is it for Halloween to be in Fall?

And it is from this Fall we learn to Rise.



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  1. Saibal Barman
    November 1, 2007 at 2:35 am

    Your previous post was so rich in content and thought provoking that I refrained from making any instant comment. It was there just to ponder over than to pass a casual comment.
    Now, this one comes. It’s been beautifully delivered. It started with more subjectivity and nicely tended towards objectivity at its end. It portrayed a nice recovery of thought from an impending fall.
    Essentially there are more expectations than real hopes in this world. Expectations have subterranean yearning for reward while hopes rely much love, compassion or pity, even when in somewhat unmatched proportion. But, both have its essence in recognition of the self. An unnamed maple leaf doesn’t carry that much of agonies within as an unloved soul bears! Both have to traverse through its worldly existence–ecstasy of a new life, experiencing, ripening and eventual fall; but, that red maple leaf falls without any expectation or even any hope to get noticed. It does it as silently as it did when it was tiny and green on the top of one of numerous branches of a giant tree. It had an unwelcomed promise and unrewarded departure. Still, it lived through! Neither the rise nor the fall is important; but, the existence more meaningful.
    Yes, we need to learn to rise from a fall and also to acknowledge a fall when time ripens.

  2. November 10, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    I have to agree that there are more expectations than hopes. And when expectations are not met, we loose hope. Expectations create pain and give rise to sorrow. Hope, gives you love and a chance for a newer life – Spring. Maple leaf is singing on the top and enjoying yet is chooses to fall down with the hope to rise in the Spring. It also seeks adventure but does not loose hope.

    An unloved, unhappy, uncared soul is not really the leaf. He expects that someone will help him. When he realises that this fall has to help him rise on this own, he looses hope with the world.

    People will look around, see the hapless soul, mutter few words of sympathy and settle down in the Irish Pub for a glass of Whisky. Much like the Leaves. They pity the Tree for loosing its leaves and they wait for the Spring to come.

  3. vinda
    November 13, 2007 at 5:35 am

    i never knew you posses very subtle heart with intelletual brain

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