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The Last Supper

I knew her through Dani classes and the other from College days. I realised that the third girl amongst us lived below my apartment only when she joined my college – a year late. Harpreet, Harita and Kanika – all of us had the last supper before spreading to the different parts of the world. We talked, laughed, wrote our feelings for each other but we shed no tears for we knew the dinner was last only momentarily.

Harita will leave for LA, Kanika Tempe, me Hamilton and Harpreet will be rocking India. God bless us all.

It is amazing that how life brings us togather, takes us apart, and keeps us close despite the distance. Nursery, school, college, corporate – everything plays an important role in our lives. It teaches us to hold our own spoon, and it teaches us to snatch away others. We make friends: some last life long, some become your confiders, some you leave back, some you forget, some you meet in the middle of nowhere and talk as though you were besties….

Kanika said, “Soon we all will get married”.
Harita said with mischief, “Don’t worry we will take a table for eight”.
I added, “And if there is much problem, we will take sixteen”.
And we all broke into a laughter.

Untill the next feast. 🙂

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  1. Nirav
    July 23, 2007 at 12:37 am

    How touching 🙂

  2. July 23, 2007 at 8:52 am


  3. July 27, 2007 at 1:32 am

    This is the new face of global village…ppl aren’t just changing jobs but flying out of the country…

    Even some of my close friends have vanished after graduation to the YO YO Land (america)…Still blogging ..internet …and electronic media comes to rescue “dubte hue aadmi ko tinke ka sahara”..

    Cheers to friendship!!!

  4. July 29, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Yes, everyone is rushing there. It’s in budget, it’s in fashion.

    Cheers to frienship, indeed!

  5. Nirav
    July 29, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    I wouldn’t say “It’s in fashion”. It’s the need and urge.

  6. July 30, 2007 at 9:12 am

    For the best, it is a sane option.

  7. Girish
    August 8, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    Only matter of fatality is $$$$$. But I India is happening and I would love to be in here and weave dreams for both Nation and I.

    I dont think it’s sane, though it’s in fashion. People of the soil come back to Swades and the fatal attraction lives short.

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