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More on Indifference

Many people disliked my previous post on indifference. But, I will still say apathy has rules.

1. You CANNOT be apathetic towards people you really care for, you really love, its from inside. You can’t even pretend it.

2. Indifference is not a trait to be followed but a trick to be used.

3. When you really don’t care about what is happening in a person’s life, you cannot interfere in it without their consent, and your conscience doesn’t allow you to think bad for them. You just say: “I hope all goes well with that fellow” and forget it. Get indifferent.

4. Sometimes, you cannot just control your own emotions about something but you have to – circumstances, perhaps? That happens when someone points fingers at you for no reason, grabs away your credit, curses you…how wise is it to counteract them in their own language? Tit-for-tat or revenge is worse. Just ignore, get indifferent, reply by your deeds not their language. Thereare lot more things to do than think about them.

I am not cruel, not defending myself. Maybe I am, not discrediting myself. But indifference to suffering? Na. Who was the sufferer in previous post? Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but keep on killing yourself for your helplessness. How can you be indifferent to mass-killings, murders, abductions….? You cannot control your anger, you try to avoid reading or view these news but you cannot…c’mon lets not get into that now.

In my last post I mentioned about a friend who despised my indifference. Now, I have learnt he is much more indifferent than me. He does not follow the rules of apathy. I was wondering what could be the reason for this show and I came up with few reasons.

1. He might have found the woman of his dreams (poor girl 😛 ). People generally stop caring of whats happening around. Plausible.

2. He is trying to teach me a lesson that apathy is bad. Plausible. He has tried that before, been partially successfull, knows my rules very well.

3. He is trying his hands on indifference, skulking from some responsibilites, avoiding some decisions. Plausible. He used to be emotional and responsible.

4. He is frustrated and is hating the entire world, tackling it with indifference. Plausible.

And now I am out of ideas. Any guesses what could be the reason..?

This would be my last post on indifference, because I cannot keep on explaining myself – it’s not necessary to do that to everyone. Or is it? Whatever.

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  1. June 22, 2007 at 11:50 am

    Well, you might see more posts on this blog if I am alive. I mean, if he doesn’t kill me for writing this. 😉

    Oh yes, I will be alive. He is not nearby!! 😛

  2. June 26, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    In this follow up post, last line is the most vital one perhaps. For you chose to react (I might be assuming) reflects that you are not all that indifferent perhaps. So you chose to explain. But the brighter side or the darker side, (whichever side of the moon you look at it) is that once you taste the sweetness of it, you tend to indulge in it. Each instance becomes and experiment for triumph. Each act a self-righteous, self defining award which makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us a sense of immunity from the rest. At the end of it, its all about ourselves. One person we can never be indifferent to is our own self. But yes, to hate someone also you need to give that much importance to that person. So one can always enjoy that hatred as well.

  3. NiX
    July 19, 2007 at 4:00 pm


    found the indifference dilemma quite interesting. if it takes an effort, we are no longer indifferent are we?

    the long and disgustin intro proved to be jst that!

  4. Soham Das
    July 19, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    I dont know about your friends apparent apathy, indifference and all those reactions which we social humans talk about in our party lives and roller-coastered zindagi, as ummm…some undesired trait. I dont know about that. but yes,I guess with indifference towards petty things I certainly believe you rise above them. yes, its difficult at times to have that thick hide to be so blissfully indifferent but its a simple give and take policy (almost), make your skin thick enough, save your time, save your mental agony and yes you get to don the halo over your head…

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