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Kalam declines

No, I do not write updates on current news. But this particular news was attracting because it politicized the country’s most important post – The President’s. While the debate still continues onto whether who will be the next President of India one thing is certain – President Kalam will not the next President despite so many Indian signatures on the online petition. The adulation did not win the politics. Of course it is highly respectable step by President Kalam who knows what power the post holds.

I have been long wondering onto why UPA did not want President Kalam for another term. Here is the list of reasons I came up with, maybe there are more:

  • UPA does not want people of merit to be on such an important post. (Quotas)
  • President Kalam is not loyal to the Gandhi’s but a self-made, independent, respectable man.
  • He declines to be dominated by the half-prime minister of the country and that threatens her a lot.
  • It fears many of its bills will be left uncleared, since he is man of rationality and pragmatism and not a politician.
  • As long as he holds that post there will not be any corruption.
  • He is highly capable of the post.
  • Sonia wants a woman counterpart – she is almost the prime minister and soon will be almost the president.

While this debate continues, cabinet ministers and other bureaucrats have seem to have forgotten that President Kalam is still the President of this country. He is already been addressed as Kalam and is facing denigrating remarks. This is worst politics.

I am not a political person but I am pro-Kalam. I am not against Pratibha Patil nor am I against woman holding this post. I am just supporting the merit – something this government declines to accept.




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  1. June 26, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    I somehow never trust the public memory in matters as these. I wonder how much of the anguish we show on this will survive post Presidential elections. Further I wonder how much that office is of significance in the context of shaping up of our nation. Further, I wonder if its actually worth debating. Plus the fact that lets not fool ourselves into the arguments of detractors of Pratibha Patil for we all know that the parties supporting Kalam are not supporting Kalam per se. None the less, an understandable thought. Maybe we should just leave him to do what he’s best at. Teaching.

  1. June 22, 2007 at 9:29 pm

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