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Husband’s Day Out

India’s strength stems from its democracy, equality, and secularity. Here women were curbed to narrow lifestyle for centuries. They were the victims of many atrocities. Sati system, where wife burned on the pyre of her dead husband; female infants are killed even before they are born and thats why we have “No sex determination” law now; they have to learn to cook no matter what; they are the only ones who drive the opposite sex and are responsible for a happy family. It has been a custom that the man is the bread-winner and the woman, a bread-maker.

Enter new generation. Things are different. Male and females stand togather, walk togather and share their domestic and professional responsibilities togather. But yesterday, a single SC ruling, seems to have taken us centuries back. There were a couple of SC rulings on divorce that might make you think again.

  • If wife doesn’t take care of ailing husband it is a mental torture and sufficient reason for a divorce. This is death of equality. How a man and woman choose to live is their choice. Doesn’t a man send his wife to her mom’s home during the delivery? Isn’t that negligence of a wife’s health? Does the wife file for divorce in these circimstances? How many times has the man neglected his woman’s health?
  • If wife does not cook for the husband, it is a mental torture and sufficient reason for the divorce. Man hardly cooks, wife can very easily apply for divorce anytime. Many wives cannot cook tasty food – is that a mental torture too? Is that sufficient for divorce? Can the SC clarify?

I think this is death of democracy, libery, and equality. I have a piece of advise and comments to certain people.

  • Judiciary system: Grow up. We need mature, sensible, younger blood in here.
  • Government: Is this vote banks too, considering male to female ratio is greater than 1?
  • Male and female who think this is prejudiced and not dispassionate: I am with you.
  • Males who love this verdict: You are assholes. You are seemingly hypocrites. You are bound to have your choice of opinion, but this is trash. You look for a ‘hot’ girlfriend and ‘cold’ wives.
  • Female who support it: Open your eyes, you are blinded.

If it were that women should pay taxes at par with men or there should be no women’s quota I would have welcomed it. Because, men and women stand togather. No SC ruling can choose to limit their capabilities and they cannot decide who does what in a relationship.

Love, made of trust, understanding, care, and rationality, will suffice and we need no law for that.

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  1. March 30, 2007 at 3:37 am

    I think there is a point you made it. It doesn’t appear too sensible for a democratic country’s supreme judgement to rule like that. I am not sure under what circumstances the judgement was made; but lets think positive and take it easy.

  2. travellingboots
    April 10, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    The archaich rules/mindsets of “division of responsibility” should change with changing times. I think it will be equally appalling if the supreme court says that insufficient earning capacity of a man amounts to mental torture and is sufficient ground for divorce.

    I am not conversant with the cases you are talking about, but I think not taking care of an ailing spouse should be grounds for divorce. Of course the rule being equal for both genders.

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