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Banishing Negativity

After a half an hour of stretch exercise.Sit straight with folded legs and close your eyes.
Smile. Iif you cannot, force it.
No wrinkles on the forehead.
Take a deep breath in. Slowly breath out.
Do not stop the external forces that enter your mind.
But concentrate on the speed of your breathing.
No breath should enter your lungs without your permission.
None should leave untill you permit.
Continue the breathing for a while.

Yesterday, I did this at Shivanand Ashram. My body shuddered and refused stability. Worried I asked the trainer what it was about. She soothed me saying “Do not worry about it. Negative force escapes your body.” I wondered what she was saying. Unfortunately I am not enough qualified to comment on that.

But we all think negatively, our body language reflects it. Someone rightly said, “Obstacles are those frightful creatures you see if you take your eyes off the goal”. But what is positivity? I am not positive that India will beat Bermuda tommorrow. Or that Indian goverment will introduce new SEZ policy. It is not about external issues. It is about yourself, what you feel about yourself.

Keep obstacles off sight
Hit the goal with all might.

“Ah! It’s a lazy morning, just few more minutes” Stop pampering yourself.
“Well, lets keep that at bay.” Whats stopping you to do it now?
“That is simply not possible” Have you even tried?
“I don’t believe in Him.” Ever wondered why?
“People don’t understand me.” Give it a try.
“I hate that fellow.” Don’t.
“I am proud that I smoke.” I practice liberty. But why invite trouble?
“I cannot….” huh? Push your limits. You never know where it ends.
“I am not worthy of….” You won’t be a part of this planet, if you were unworthy.

“Let’s do it” C’mon baby, that’s positivity.

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