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Three men in a boat

These three men are in the boat since last one month. Jerome K Jerome is the master of this magnificent hilarious work. When I read the author’s introduction in this book, Jerome says that he always wanted to be remembered for his other clever and more hilarious works. However, as it turns out he is best remembered for Three men in a Boat, and the author sighs after making this remark. It reminded me of Maugham’s Cakes and Ale, which the author wanted to be most remembered for despite the fact that the book carried with it a lot of criticism, and that he was most remembered for his semi-autobiographical – of Human Bondage. Some critics, the author says, claim that the book was a success because it lacked humor and was vulgar. To this he remarks: Bad art may succeed for a time and with limited public; it does not go on extending its circle throughout nearly half the century.Taking about Three Men in a Boat, it is a book with comedy in epic proportions. The fact that I am reading this book since last 30 days makes it more and more hilarious; the slower you read the more you laugh(I am not disclosing about bad schedules). The author says that the event of this book ‘really happened’ and he has just added the spice. I compared the events of this book as to the situations in our daily lives, and there you go roll out laughing on the floor. The book has everything – beautiful descriptions of the surroundings of the Thames, a visit to London’s Oxford Library, British history, wonderful narrations etc.

The title of the book is:



THERE were four of us – George, and William Samuel Harris, and myself, and Montmorency. Thus begins the book.

The author is sick and so are the others. Jerome enters the library and takes out, what I call, a medical diseases dictionary and concludes that the last disease he has is zymosis as there are no more diseases after this, and the only disease that he doesn’t have is housemaid’s knee. So, the three friends and the dog decide that they needed a break; they plan a trip to Thames in a boat despite author’s dislike for it – you always hate the river when you are in it and start liking it when the days are nearing an end.

Uncle Podger successfully hangs a picture on the wall, and the smallest of mankind’s incapability is hilariously exposed using hyperbole. The weather predictions are mocked (and when the author says that they predict what happened yesterday and opposite of what is going to happen today, I laughed out loud, what else can you expect MET dept to do?), the cheese stinks and creates a lot of problem in the London houses and George, the one who was supposed to wake up the others on the day of travel wakes up the last of all…

It would be foolish to write anything further in this post, because nothing I write is going to make you laugh. That is the propriety of Jerome. But, yes, I will write a concluding post for sure when I finish it.

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