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No loss by flood and lightning,
no destruction of cities and temples
by hostile forces of nature,
has deprived man
of so many noble lives and impulses
as those which his intolerance
has destroyed.
– Helen Keller

Of course, weren’t it were for tolerance we would have screamed and wasted our time to explain the person living next door that his life is immoral by our standards. But..

If tolerance were indeed achieved, Jade would have not been kicked out and Shilpa would not have got undue winning advantage. If the terrorists learn to tolerate the existence of other people, no war will happen. If America had tolerated Saddam’s rule, asked UNSC to take care of Saddam, thousands of life would have been saved. If one can tolerate the existence of a color man, there would be no racism. If one can tolerate the existence of people from other countries, there would be no xenophodia. If one can tolerate the other religions, vices would be cut.

If one can understand that morality is also relative, tolerance can be achieved and when it is realised, many other words would be eliminated.

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