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Yeah, thats Racism, Big Brother!

Racism, apartheid, cast ism, group ism, xenophobia: all are words of hatred. They are uncalled-for expressions and are better unexpressed. There is freedom of thought and freedom of expression (you have to pay for liberty too) but a television show cannot portray racism and no sane government will interfere in such remarks.I think Big Brother is a stupid reality show, Jade Goody is a below-average actress who was stupid to express equally stupid remarks, Shilpa was stupid to be mute spectator like others, and Channel 4 equally stupid to not censor the remarks. I think, the entire hype is stupid.

Come to India – we have caste-based reservation. Education here is based on which caste you belong to. Isn’t that racism, oops! cast ism? There is a concept of arrange marriages – and they look for a suitor in the same node of the caste-tree to which they belong. Perhaps a sibling will do. Love marriages, inter-caste marriages are accepted with a scorn – tolerance rocks. I don’t think Britain is clean either. How else can you justify the abuse in Iraq? I think discriminating hatred is subtle in Britain and that is why Jade was kicked.

We all discriminate – you, me, a soldier in Iraq, a foreigner in an hostile surrounding, every Indian, every English, every other person. The trick is not to express it, and tolerate other’s existence. Maybe you don’t like your neighbour who is being jocular with a hen, then grabs it, takes his neck, tilts it, crushes it, and then with one hard blow cuts into two pieces. You hear it scream and I doubt whether you pick up the knife in the drawer of your kitchen and blow-off your neighbour in two-pieces. You will perhaps curse him and say: “Bloody Colored” or perhaps “Bloody White” or ” Hell, murderer.”. How many times have you felt like getting hold his neck and killing him? How many time have you wished to shoot someone right in his head? Do you really do that? You have to tolerate and that is how this world lives: with Tolerance. Everything does not work your way.

Jade was wrong. Channel 4 was the worst criminal cause it failed to censor it. What else, Indian and British government portrayed insanity at its best. Unnecessary intrusion on a stupid remark, on a stupid show, on an equally stupid channel.

I think Shilpa will be happy, when she gets the booty. But the Indians and British Representatives will continue the entertainment.

After all, the show must continue.

PS: I have never seen the show and I don’t plan to.

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  1. Hina Shah
    January 21, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    Racism is certainly not good, and certainly the way the hype has been created is somewhat awkward. Nowadays people are on the hunt of something happening! And the moment they get something that ‘seems’ to be controvercial, they jump on it, and its done for many days… Distrbs everyone.. Hope that someone would do some sensible reporting at times..!!

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