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Are you that?

Aggressive – in work, in things that matter to you.Do not hype patriotism, live globally. Like traveling and exploring to newer places.

Extreme in views, blunt in expressions but subtle in expressing hatred if required.

Dislike interfering in people’s life, and hating it when they do it in ours.

Do not think drinking and smoking necessarily render people characterless.

Cannot stand cheaters, liars, robbers, thieves, murderers, and people who blow-off others candle to make their glow brighter: they are real criminals, they are characterless.

Live by choice and liberty, we hate force.

Believe in defining our own principles and live by them, rather than blindly follow others.

Like quiet gatherings.

Don’t like people who stick to their religion and force others to abide by their rules if they wish to hangout with them.

Believe that every person chooses to live life his own way – be it religious way or some other sane way, we accept it. It is liberty after all.

Can sit and talk long hours but we do not like gossips.

Believe that our emotions are private; but we talk-out misunderstandings.

Are Not mundane; we want to do what we want to, we believe being happy in whatever we do is important.

Do not to regret.

Live with independence, which means we take responsibilities for our decisions and not regret taking them – it can be a compromise.

May not believe in God, but we have inquisitiveness about his existence.

Believe that education is a never ending process.

Physical relationship is one of the most intimate/private emotions that have to happen at the right time of life and right time of relationship.

Taking decision with head on shoulders is important.

If you have priorities, live by them. Don’t let anything distract you.

Physical incapability is not worse than mental unprepared ness. Will-power rocks.

Dream, Desire, Passionate, Ambitious – live by them.

Gender or caste cannot be the reason for biased decision. Merit Tops.

Do not like males who think: Females are meant to take care of babies, cook food, and be housewife etc. They let them be what they want to be. They don’t demean any of the jobs females do. They don’t force their decisions on them.

That is normal, right?

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  1. March 31, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    The last one is normal educated woman’s perspective.

    I like this one “Physical incapability is not worse than mental unprepared ness.” Some where you mentioned that your dad taught this to you.

    Actually all the thoughts you rendered here look tobe true from heart. I liked reading them all.

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