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Growing up in 21st century

I was going through a post on a friends blog and was wondering about the life this generation is living compared to their grand-parents. At times it seems that there is a huge gap and the Gen-X unfathomably ignores this difference. Maybe they are wild, more enthusiastic. Perhaps the growing technology, fast pacing globalization demands this wild attitude from this Gen-X.Joint-family is a tradition that is still lovingly followed in this country which has a history traced to thousands of years. These families still have head of the family concept. The generation difference is highlighted significantly in these families. The elders impose restriction on the young adults while they resist this restriction. The consequence is loss of peace and constant suffering for the elders while the young adults are under constant peer pressure.

Many of us often wonder who is correct in this situation. You place youself in both the situations and you cannot help but conclude that this society folllows functionalism. Both are right at their positions. Who do you sympathize with ? But, is it about sympathy? I think yes.

Being a young adult myself, I am restless, ambitious, hate idleness, despise boredom, want to occupy myself with something or the other, yes, I am rude at times but not arrogant, I am stubborn, I am passionate, crazy at times, indifferent to many emotions, yet always wonder what others feel . Maybe, I am like the confused lot but I think I am focused. Confused, right? But I do feel sympathy for people who are under constant peer pressure and for those who feel this generation difference. Do most of us feel the same, yet ignore it ? What do we do to cope this? Be what we are or make compromises?

I cannot write a solution for this problem here. I cannot blame either. I belong to gen-X, yes, maybe I do. I have no peer pressure. I don’t live in a joint family. I am spared.

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