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The Gunpoint

Its wednesday today, half-way through the week, which is a relief in itself. But boss is in different mood today. Somber, gloomy, and then angry.I reached office at noon; its was my Germany-shift, when we stay upto 21:30 at night, listen songs and waste time. I came at excat time, switched on my computer, checked mails, logged into google (thats a routine) and then heard a solid, stentorian, angered voice “-he-li” (I will tel you later why I heard only this much.).
A collegue says,” Shefali, boss is calling you.’
Another says,”It’s your turn now under rotation. We all had our time.”
I go with a puzzled face.

Boss “What’s this?”
I look at the mail he was showing me in the mailbox. I wondered when I wrote this to him. I scrap my head, pretending to think and remembered that it was written a week ago. He just saw it and now he finds time to open it and ask about it. What the…

Me: “A request was created and it was a bug.”
He highlights a region that says “Reason: programing bug. 2 new fields are to be added.

Boss “The reason is not proper” , highlighting the words with his mouse,”whats going on??”
I wonder, which request is this? I created atleast 5-6 requests and which one was the one he was pointing to ? It was twice I did that. He has a point but I have to make mine.

Me: “I talked to the request-creator and she approved.”

He stares at me, looking for words as though.
Boss: “Phone and all is not allowed, why not write it in mail. Do you work for her?”
Yeah, whatever.

Me: “It was urgent for the users.”
Does he know that I slogged that evening till 2100 hours and finished the work? or that I wrote the entire program in just a day. The entire program. Does he know that the management of this company sucks? Does he know what kind of work employees here do? Does he know that man-power, brain-power here is wasted? They never know the things they should know.

Boss: “They will say so. Do you work for them either?”
Don;t we program for the users? Don’t we get paid for satisfying the users? Jesus Christ! this is insanity at its peak.

Me: “It was kinda urgent and it was precise…”
Boss:”This is not a clear reason. You can go now.”

End of discussions. I fail to argue properly. He has no idea how much I have cursed him.

When I return, I see all collegues laughing by covering their mouths with their hands, trying to curb it at the same time.

Once again a heavy voice, “Abhishek”…
He ain’t listening and I tell him.
He goes, its his turn now.

There goes a heated argument. He returns and narrated his story: “You change the input, the output and call it a programming bug? How can you change your standards of practice for the users?” He was actually returning with a smirk.

Harsh reminds us: “Let’s go to lunch, fast, something is wrong today.”
We agree and go for lunch and the topic of discussion is The Gunpoint.

Everyone agrees: “Aje sir gun laine ubha che

We conclude he is a hypocrite. A collegue narrates his story.

“He told me to ask reason for authorization requirement and when I ask the reason he gets angry…” Poor chap!

Another person, “Hey when Pujan entered, sir called him, this guy also doesn’t know anything..”

Once again another person says, “He has not spared the outsiders, insiders have no scope for survival.”

It’s Boss’s day out.

Divya, Kaushal and Siddharth are left and we say it is soon going to be your turn. Their turn never comes. I wish its tommorow.

  1. Shefali
    December 27, 2006 at 3:20 pm

    I don’t mean to hurt any feelings and I expect people take it in true spirit of corporate mockery.

    No offence intended.

  2. numera
    December 28, 2006 at 2:05 pm

    True…. i totally agree.. sometimes the boss dont understand that their employees are trying to get the work done for them in the best possible way… they just dont see the efforts that one is puttin in..anyway a nice blog and the best possible title…. good pic too…

  3. Shefali
    December 28, 2006 at 6:19 pm

    Oh! yes, I like the title too and the picture was definately apt.

    Did not have to think the second time.

  4. Harsh
    December 29, 2006 at 1:34 pm

    Nice one dear ……..again m laughing by recalling that incedent …lol….. truely funny …… n most funny part was about Pujan he was chatched in the trap which was not made for him….hahaha cant stop laughing….

  5. kanika
    February 20, 2007 at 9:48 am

    A very true account. A boss is a whimscial fellow. Sometime the boss says to do onething and when we do that, he suddenly takes a diametrically opposite side. Eventually, it is the poor suborniate who is at the receiving end.

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