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He ain’t biased

Heaven knows I mean nothing offensive as I write this post.. Abu was like heaven but less than Patsio – 165 Kms from Manali – which was incredible. Shreenathji, Nathdwara was worse of all my visits. But as I look back now, I think I enjoyed.

After looking for a nice hotel to spent the night in we went to the main market for the dinner. This time it was Sounth Indian…it fills the tummy and is readily digestable, ofcourse its tasty. There was a bed lacking and we ordered an extra that was to be spread on the floor and ofcourse I took it. My back was paining badly the next day, seemed like the fever will relapse. But nothing happened except for a sore throat, flowing nose, back-ache. That’s trifle, it’s not fever.

Shreenathji is a pilgrimage site – the avatar of Lord Krishna when he got hold of Govardhan Parvat to save Vrindavan from the hatred of Indra. The gate to enter the temple is huge, you are not allowed to wear socks there. It is cold to death but you have to suffer to get his Darshan. I thought he relieved pain ..

Inside the gate it is a huge town. There are vendors, book-shop, among other things. They sell vegetables, milk etc. There are rooms for Bhogs – Vida bhog, milk bhog, flower bhog etc. The locals come and do their bit, like cleaning vegetables, as a part of their service to God. There are those pujaris who are constantly pestering you to pay for the bhog. I felt it was nothing more than a money making business; besides money-earning can increase if you can touch the faith and emotion part. It is easy to touch the emotions then a man’s intellect: said thus the Socialists. If you let your brain win, you are not God-fearing person but if you get fooled easily – you are religious, God-fearing person.

They make us crowd at yet another giagantic gate. I notice that all are women, there is another crowd for men and the third is the VIP crowd. You get the Darshan first if you pay some bucks. This crowd is mixed – men and women alike. The pujaris say if you can worship togather you will have Arthik labh. Mom and dad are now in seperate crowds, there ain’t any money coming to us. The floor is made of grey stone and I could feel the cold rushing into my veins from the feet. I am not wearing any sweeter but a full-sleeves T-shirt suitable for summer. I hold my calm and tell mom that I am leaving. I turn around myself to walk away but there is not any place to move. All women are packed like Hitler packed them in gas chambers. I am crushed, cold, waiting for Lord Krishna to protect us from the prakop of winter. I see a board that warned us to be wary of pocket-snatchers and I grab my purse tight. I tell myself: “Few more minutes, you may not get another chance, never miss an opportunity. Every experience is worth”. Fancy the way human accepts a circumstance.

There comes a relief and the VIP crowd is released. We are glad, we are waiting for ourselves now. Defying the rule ‘Ladies First’ gents get to go in first. They run, rush to meet Him. I see my dad, uncle, my brother jogging to get the Darshan. I blow my nose and ask Him to bless me. The gents queue is ever-ending. They don’t stop their flow and the ladies get impatient. They, including me, start screaming ‘ayee’. Finally they stop and our crowd movies. No need to walk, we are pushed by the crowd forward. We enter the temple.

There are railings, atleast dozens of them; an attempt to manage queues and a complete failure. The idol is black in color, draped with green clothes. I join my hands and express my gratitude. The moment you do that, you are out of the place. The guards in khaki uniform are shouting: “Chalo, Chalo. Idher se“. There are such screams coming from all sides of the corner and young local kids also join the shouting. Its amusing to them as they feel they are controlling people and their emotions for next few seconds. I am out of the temple and look around: Mom is missing.

I go back to temple looking for her. A guard points me the way out.
I shout, “I know that, my mother is inside, waiting for her.”
“No, she ain’t. I saw her leaving the gate.”
“And how do you know she is my mother?”
“From your face. She looked like you.”
“Very Good.”
I go in again and find her.
I tell the guard, “You were wrong, she was inside.”
“Yeah. You from Himachal?”
“The cap is from Himachal.”, he says pointing at mothers cap.
“The cap is from Himachal, person from Gujarat.”

We get our shoes and socks and see the VIP cars going away from the temple premises.

And He ain’t biased.

  1. Anonymous
    December 12, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    I see emerging Maugham in your posts. ok, may be i guess.

  2. Shefali
    December 13, 2006 at 5:55 am

    Not even remotely close.

  3. Anonymous
    December 25, 2006 at 9:43 am

    Guards are real jokers really! But yes, He ain’t biased but its the people who are biased ! I can debate on this really for an hour.. But its well written stuff as always with you !

  4. chintan
    June 9, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    one big flaw. the cars r not allowed in the city …
    n even when they are.. there is no space for them in the temple premises.

    the concept of making our line look bigger by erasing other’s is… not agrreable.

    still a lovely narration…

    oh n u did failed to notice the real diamond donated by Jahangeer , placed on the chin of the idol.

    n did u make a wish on the huge main gate? well u r supposed to stick a coin on that gate.

    n the golden n silver grinding stones ??

    isnt it one more hue of human nature? so pious, so pure n yet so tainted???

    the pujaris r payed a meagre meal n 5rs for their service , entire day in temple. thats why they look for such ways to satisfy, to make to ends meet.,.

    no wonder religion has become economy?
    but when God could reincarnate himself in various shapes to help his fellowbeings, cant he let them run a small economy in his name?

    in questioning you i have answered many of my own questions. i have never been anywhere near to be considered pious.

    but i have special memories attached to that place..
    the gastonomical treats….

    the fudina chai , the pauva near the ganesh temple with tortoises inside….
    the fried potatoes n stuff..

    the neembu pani soda..
    the thandai…

    the whips of gaurds with napkins in temple…

    n they change the turns for men n women periodically..
    after all thats is equality of sexes. aint it??

    even the doors for entry….

    hope u enjoyed the kamal chowk.
    i can refer the picture book i have and can tell you the date u visited the place.
    cos no two darshans r same through out the year…

    He aint baised there.. HE is having the ball of his life out there…

    the poonam RAAS…. in the kamal chowk….

  5. June 9, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    Well, we saw cars, big silver Opel Astra(s) coming out of huge gates while we were shivering without socks in cold at the show-stand.

    but when God could reincarnate himself in various shapes to help his fellowbeings, cant he let them run a small economy in his name?

    Then, why say he is equal to all? Perhaps, humans – his own creation – create inquality.

    Thanks for liking the narration.

  6. September 25, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Well you are not entirely right in your initial experience and observence at ShreeNathji’s Haveli; but there is much much more than what meets the eye in those few seconds; and one forms a judgement.
    If you wish to understand some truth about ShreeNathji and His Reality please do visit our website http://www.shreenathjibhakti.org
    You may change your opinion totally after reading what I have wtritten here.
    Thanks and regards

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