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Sunset Point

Yes, I missed writing about the sunset point that we visited the day before we went to Nakki. Please! don’t shoot me for that. Mt. Abu is known for sunset point and all those regular Abu visitors would rush to shoot right in my head for forgetting it. A kilometer of walk or a horse ride or the cycle – you can take anything you want and climb to the sunset point.

We reached just few minutes earlier and Dad – climbing through the rocks which he called too trivial to The Great Himalayas – found us a unique spot to enjoy the sun setting and brightening up somebody else’s life. Afterall it too has to take turns to satisfy every-person’s need. We wait for the sun to set and slowly watch the atmosphere turn yellow. he sky was multi-colored and scene mesmerizing. Too many people think a setting sun is a sign of depression. To me it is end of miseries of the day for a new day to start with a new vein.Slowly it went down; as though hiding finding himself a room in the Aravalli. The sky around it was a blender of orange, yellow, red, and pink. It grew cold and yellow and eventually dark. The Sun waned so that you could tame it, hold it, eat it, and capture it. Slowly he left us to brighten up somebody else’s life, promising us a visit tommorow. We left the place to move towards the Hill View and saw the birds locating their nests to feed their babies.

Moon had started its reign.


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