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Breathe in, Breathe out

I love boat-riding. So you go to Lake Nakki and do no boat riding – its a sin. The lake is surrounded by Aravalli ranges. The sun barely seen in winter, beautiful palaces on the ranges now converted to heritage hotels, government circuit houses and the Toad Rock – classic example of wind erosion made me live life again.

We were taken to ride by a local rower, well-built, slim, average height, and black moustache curved at ends. He was in the rowing profession since a long time and said that he will give us a perfect ride as it was off-season and there were lesser tourists. It was 30 minutes in the Lake thence. He showed us the palace now converted to hotel and having charges of 5000 in peak season. The circuit house, the homes, the toad rock which we later climb. Beautiful mountains and its tops covered by light clouds, blue sky, Kingfishers looking for their fodder for the day, green algae in the lake, the flock of pigeons; ourb boat was surrounded by the green colored water all around us. We shivered in cold but who bothered? We were living.We try rowing the boat but were scared to loose the row in the lake. Our rower, Gopi, said that maximum number of tourists flocked from Gujarat, specially from Ahmedabad. “The main reason for people to flock from Gujarat is that most of them are business men and nasha is banned there” he explained. He took our group pictures and also individual pictures and we took some beautiful snaps of Nakki surrounded by Aravalli and algae.

We then walked to toad rock and it was quarter of an hour climb from there. It was difficult for mom to climb the stairs and we took a bottle of water with us. She struggled with her breath and dad, a trained mountaneer came to rescue. He adviced us ” For every step you take breathe in and breathe out deeply and Toad rock is yours.” Next we did was “Breathe in, Breathe out” and mom(we) started to climb in new vein. We reached half way and there stood Abu in front of us. The lake Nakki looked calm, the boats there looked micro and the breeze blew on our face. When we reached the peak Abu was what we had conquered for a minute. We sat on the rock and did nothing but breathe and breathe out and enjoy the clean and pleasant oxygen.

Life seemed trivial yet vast standing on the rock which has a shape on a Toad due to natural wind erosion. There were flock of birds in the sky hunting for a food source. The lake revealed different forms as boats moved on it. The rowers and the riders were distant reality. The Aravalli had given shelter to Nakki and its tourists – Nakki was big but Aravalli were huge. Earth is huge, life is big and we all are just a trivial part of it like the rowers and riders, boats guided us. Life was worth living, beauty exists, love exists. I had rediscovered them at the Toad.

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