I quit!

Since few months I have been stuck up doing things that I have not pretty much enjoyed doing. Life is full of ironies. You do things that don’t interest you, your career seems to be in mess, you don’t get to read much, and your future is uncertain. The only solution then is a nice vacation to beautiful places in India. This time it was the Aravalli ranges – the granite hills, home to the great Indian kings like Uday Singh, Maharana Pratap; attacked by the moghuls; the hills where Maharani’s struggled to protect their esteem; home to Shrinathji;hills where the Dasi sacrificed her son to keep the protect the heritage of royal families. I choose to quit for few days!



When we visit these places we realize the lavishness these royal families lived with. The orthodox nature of living their lives: The Ghunghat, the fans to cool them, the fire-place, lavish sitting arrangements make you feel jealous and the luxuries you live with seem trifle for a moment. You wish you were the Queen and that you had all those Dasis at your disposal.

Four days of drive through Aravalli passing through the famous Ambaji temple, Mount Abu, Nathadwara – Shinathji, Hadighati, Chittodgarh and the City of Lakes – Udaipur. With a sick body, fever, headache we left for Ambaji from our home. I could not gather enough courage to enter the temple and though that I might collapse. Being indisposed I choose not to enter the temple and now as I look back I know I regret my decision. I ate enough, took pain-killer and kept myself alive for next couple of days. The fear of loosing the opportunity was forming an aura around me and I broke all my rules, the aura with the power of will. My dad says physical incapability is not worse than mental unpreparedness. Enter Mount Abu.



The best thing about experienced drivers is that they know the best lunch places and we entered one mediocre such restaurant. All choose a thali, a dish that has entire Indian food – roti, papad, dal, sabji, pickle and a sweet among few other varieties like vada. I picked up lighter food pau bhaji and a lassi, something I love and geared up for Dilwara Temples.


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