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Using The Public Transport Service

I preferably avoid public transport since I have used the AMTS – Ahmedabad Municipal transport Service – in my High School with a friend. We enjoyed those rides, come what may. But I developed a nausea as I got a new vehical – Bajaj Saffire – with me. Unfortunately Bajaj sucks, atleast the saffire does. I had to change the piston twice and this 4-stroke nuissance rides with occasional hiccups. It won’t work for weeks and I have to deal those garage people. Dad usually is a great help. It is not good to depend on others. So this was the week of hiccups and Saffire is stuck in the parking space. It is time to use AMTS after a long time !It was one such ride. I was curious to figure out what these buses now are. There is a significant improvement. The buses are now run on CNG – they create less-pollution and are faster then what they were few years ago. Yes, the buses are faster and so is the population growth in India. The traffic hasn’t reduced. People still drag themselves in the bus for the fear of failing to find another. For the first-timers, new-comers, illterates it is still tougher. The first-timers don’t know that the frequency of buses. The new-comers are told that “stand at Income-tax, you will get a bus for ISCON” and the illiterates cannot read the bus-number. I met a new comer couple of days’s back.

I think he was told that “Wait at the Income-tax stop (perhaps, the only stop he knew.), you will get a bus to ISCON” He did not know the number of the bus nor the frequency. He asked the passenger in every bus that stopped at the tand whether it would take him to ISCON. I knew the bus but I was skeptical to talk to a stranger. He asked in the wrong buses. Finally an elderly gentleman asked him to wait and that bus number 50 would take him to his destination. That was my bus too.

He was real busy on his mobile. He would finish a talk and then pick up another. Busy chap! Perhaps his boss was reminding him constantly of his late arrival. He couldn’t help it. Bingo! here comes a 50 number bus. All the people run towards it. He too rushes. But the bus so crowded that he cannot get it. I patiently, aware that there is a almost-empty bus after few minutes, watched him and sorry, couldn’t control a sniffle. He managed to get hold of the side bar but could not climb it as there was no place to even hang outside the bus. Pretty much in the picture.

Finally after 15 minutes of wait, another 50 numbered bus came. I climbed it without any hassle. But alas! I failed to notice whether that new-comer had managed to climb the bus. I got a ticket to my destination and took a nap, asusming (someone told me “don’t assume much”) that the new-comer had climbed the bus.

Cheers! Happy riding !

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