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Missing Hours!

I finished my last book – Catcher in the Rye at midnight yesterday. I picked up All Quite On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque from millions of unread books left on my shelf. Actually there not many unread books but the lack of time makes them look like a heap of unread, yellow books that no-one is even bothered to take a look at!! SAD! How I miss being around them!

I wonder when will I learn to mange time? The job takes away 12 hours of my day…a couple to moderate the community, write mails, 6-8 to grab a good night sleep …I am left with damn 2-3 hours that covers up my rest of the activities. I hardly get time to read. So to comfort myself , as nobody else does that as they think it is a pure waste or something that is OK to sacrifice or something that doesn’t matter or that there are many other important things than just reading or whatever but my point of view, I carry a book with myself at the workplace but I have to steal time to write this blog too…..

Lets cut the crap! Will write about this book as soon as I am through few pages……..

Dated: 9/07/2006 on Critical Views

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