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Catcher in the Rye: JD Salingner

Amidst a tight schedule at my workplace, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, I managed to read Catcher In the Rye by Salingner. I had heard a lot before about this book but was never able to pick this one untill last Sunday. It tool me hell of a time to finish this book and as I write this update on the blog, I am yet to finish last few pages. I am still wondering what will happen of Holden?

The book is written as thouugh it was a diary of two nights of a 16-year old. He is a jerk – to put it in Holden’s words. Holden Caufield is his name and his only accomplishment is being kicked out of the four schools bcause he just hates things around him. It is difficult to predict what his likes and dislikes are. He doesnt want to be a scientist because his science sucks and lawyers are nothing but money makers without any good cause. He is a big lier and once he starts lying he cannot stop. He likes girls but not the phoney ones. He is weak and can get beaten up very easily. He hates his teachers and doesn’t like to listen their long discourses to him about improving his life. The only subject he likes is English.

All he would like to do is catch children in the rye.

A reader of this post will wonder why would a ‘phoney’ guy like Holden even bother to pen down this book? If he wants to do nothing why the hell write a book saying I don’t want to do anything? If that is what you are thinking then I would apologize for creating a false negative impression. Despite Holden being a useless, he makes you laugh with his attitude. Yes, he is damn funny. He also makes you cry and let me say he is quite mature and responsible.

He is crazy about two people: Allie, his brother who died of cancer and Phoebe, his li’l sister. He doesn’t go to Allie’s grave with flowers because people just place the flowers, say some prayer and go for a movie or some exotic dinner. He hates Allie lying around a bunch of dead people and feels that Allie cannot go to those movies (which are phoney already) or those exotic dinners – it is simply cruel. It seems as though Phoebe is the only alive person he adores. He feels that she has a sensible taste of stuffs around them and she really listens him when he wants her to.

As he goes to meet Phoebe at night, you realize that the book is surprisingly touchy. It is so simple that it makes your eyes wet. Someone on a thread on Orkut said that book is deceptively simple and I will add that it is surprisingly touchy.

I wonder, as I am yet to finish the book, what will Holden Caufield, hiding from his parents after being kicked out from the school for the fourth time, decide about his life? Afterall he is just a teenager.

Wait till I post that.

Dated: 8/30/2006 on Critical Views

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