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Dealing the truth…

They say first corporate job is the toughest. They treat you as though you did not exist – damn true! Three months is indeed a long time for a corporate to provide us with good development work. What if your boss insists: “We can get programmers everywhere.”

First time in three months the boss summoned us to ask our experience. Now it was my turn to speak. I said “Sir, I have not done any real life development and so I cannot comment”. Jesus, was that too candid?

“Was the work recently assigned to you not enough to keep you engaged?”

“Well, Sir , it was quite a bit. All of a sudden I have started to like Oracle so perhaps yes. I am learning Oracle on my own and expecting the Basis people to install it in my system.”


“What about you, Anne? Is the Batch Management work that is assigned to you interesting?”

C’mon, Anne, say, “Sir, I don’t like making MS word documents”

Instead she plays it safe. “Sir, it is a little frustrating.”

“What about you, Bob?”

“Sir, I am working on the change.”

So, I am the bad one.

I say, ” We are all programmers and looking forward to some programming which we have not done in last few months.I am a passionate programmer.”

“Why is nobody else speaking like you?”
Perhaps, they are happy with what they are doing (which they do not claim in his absense) or they cannot speak for themsleves. Bloody, loosers. One has got to speak, its your career at stake. Perhaps they are indeed happy. *sighs*

Nevertheless, I shrug my shoulders.

“Programming is not a very great job. Anyone can do programming.”

“Sir, you are saying that the programmers are useless.” Is he claiming that I am useless?

“No, No I am not saying that. I am not degrading or demeaning the job of programmers.” My Foot. “Instead, it is 40% programming and 60% system analysis.”

“Well, I have not got the 40% yet sir. I will wait.”

“See it is a chicken and egg game, which we have to break. You cannot program well, if you do not know the system.”

“But, Sir if we do programming, we can dig more and more into the system.”

“Yes, that is also true. You are right. But every person dreams to become a system analyst. That is the ultimate goal, ofcourse, you can be a manager, VP etc.”

I choose to say nothing.

“Have you seen this anywhere – you learn SAP and also get paid?” That is the reason I am still here, you don’t need to tell me this. “There is a lot of demand of SAP consultants. I am not encouraging you (a faint smile on his face) to start looking for jobs on naukri.com” Damn! I have already done that – not only on naukri.com but also on monster.com, jobstreet.com and jobsahead.com. We travel faster than light.

I still keep mum. I am not convinced yet.

John tries. “Sir how long do we learn SAP”
Sir, “uh?” He has failed to listen or John has failed to convey.

I say, “But we cannot just keep on learning the system. We need to use it practically.”

“Yes sir”, says John.

“You are right. But your bosses find better to give jobs to your seniors. They have to explain lesser. See you have to assure your bosses that given a problem you are able to solve it.”

“Untill they give us a problem how can we assure them?”

He smiles faintly. He realises I have a point. But of course he doesn’t agree.

“Sir these 3 guys came a month later than us. They already have a development.”

John tries to console me, what an idiot. “That is because it was of our module.”

Sir, “Yes that is true.”

Me, “That is the best reason you have, sir”

Again he smiles, the cruel one this time. I am already pissed off.

He gives a long lecture but I am not impressed but rest are. He says “I have some requirement and I will see where can I fit you.” Yes, wow, did I win? At the end he asks,” Do you want to say any more.”

It is on my tip of the toungue, “If you play the chicken part, I will play the egg part.” But I remember Murphy’s rule and its corollary so I keep quite. I am not convinced yet.

Boss is always right.
If he is not, refer back the rule.

I say, “Nothing”.

“Ok, then”.

Anne says, “I will re-do the Batch Management”. Good for her. But she never claims she likes to make documents to me, instead always the opposite.

I blurt out my anger to Jessica. She consoles me as she is going through the same. I cannot believe that we are B.E. in Computers.

What the ….damn I don’t use bad words.

(Hell, Names changed to protect privacy. Don’t wonder what is the truth – its the boss)

  1. Harsh
    October 9, 2006 at 5:13 am

    I fully agree with u dear u did the right thing …..well but me not sure that if i was there i could speak that much in front of sir but atleast i would like to give support to arguments at that time…… well ur blog is very nice n sull of reality so lyked it very much ……..keep on bloging …n i thnk u should write a book as u r writing very nicely….its not a joke i realy felt that i was reading a book …..exellent writing

  2. Shefali
    October 9, 2006 at 5:19 am

    Thanks …that encourages me to do more blogging if not write a book.

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