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On wearing hair clips

I dislike wearing those artistic hair clips and as we grow up we conclude that it is for the kids who get excited at trifle things. Grown-ups lose interest and hence find it stupid to smile at such trifle matters. It is after all a matter of dignity. Things do change – as you want them to – as we grow up.

I was travelling in a 6-seater auto rickshaw today and was glancing around. The surrounding is made up of all kinds of people – rich, poor, extremely poor, people who manage to put heart and soul together on daily wages, beautiful women, handsome men, the house-keepers, kids who wear single piece of garment day and night and those poor little kids who find happiness in wearing a dozen hair clips.

It is actually trifle a thing to notice but I could not help it for a colleague of mine wears a clip daily and smiles on every new possession of it. We all find it immature and it is difficult to change such an opinion. It is a rule: As you grow you have to hate these trifle , immature, stupid, below-dignity possessions.

Well, this little girl-kid belonged to a nomadic tribe. This I concluded from the people with her. For those who don’t know what nomadic tribes are – they are people who are constantly on move seeking new low-earning jobs. They never settle down and they never earn much. The striking feature was that the girl was wearing a dozen hair clips randomly. She had not much hair for her clips to support it. They were hanging from her forehead – definately not supporting the hair. I wonder where did she get those clips from. Perhaps someone gave away their old used clips or she found the broken ones from the trash but they were her prized possessions. She was smiling and handling those clips with caution so that they did not break (any further).

If a high-class model wears a dozen clips, it is a fashion. A professional hair-dresser asks you to wear it temporarily , you pay her. What would you do now – smile?

Will any of us ever wear a dozen hair clips randomly? No, we are rational. If we have enough hair we will tie them up with a 15 bucks band but not a dozen random clips. Will we smile if we see such a girl? Will we bother to take a look around? Will we smile at trifle a possession?

What a pity.

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