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Saving money….?

The Crossword is right next to my door. So I indulge in saving a lot of money. The idea that a book shop is next to me drives me wild. I go their every weekend – because I can’t go on weekdays as I have a corporate job. 😦

Everytime I go there I make myself a promise – No books today, girl. But it doesn’t work. Really, it doesn’t.

I went there last sunday and spent some two and a half hours, amusing myself with Murphy’s law. I was laughing continuosly. I would read a law and relate it to what happens to me. This makes you more and more happy. I enjoyed those two hours to my hearts content. The few that I related were this: “It is only during the exams that all the computers in the laboratory are in working condition” or that “Absentism is the lowest if it is necessary for the grades” or that “Great ideas are never remembered and dumb statements are never forgotten.” They surely make you sniffle.

I meet a mom’s friend and suddenly realised that I had 35/- bucks in my pocket. Excitedly, I picked up Murphy’s law but realised that it was for 125 /- bucks. I finally picked up a 25/- bucks Sudoku puzzles….all are unsolved still.

shhhh…..mum doesn’t know it.

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