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Travelling to TRC and …

I love riding, that is a joke. I like being a pillion but I hate it when others drive my vehicle especially when my breaks are broken. I filled up my tank to the full and drove more than 25 Kms. It was a long road, it was highway, it was a breezy ride. Divya was the pillion. We laughed and laughed, enjoying the breeze throughout the ride.

Kanika’s Activa (Desh ki Dhadkan!) was driven by Siddhartha, Ravi surely missed it and Kaushal was all alone (poor chap but he got a call from his girl-friend (hush-hush), he is afterall not all-alone) , and yeah Sandip and Manish (who are nothing more than RASH drivers) were on Manish’s bike. We drove full speed but I was the slowest, not to mention Sandip and Manish getting angry with me for a wrong turn. And so Abhishek, sitting behind Harsh, teased me that tricyle was faster. Alas! I was at 50 Kmph and I am sure tricycles are not that faster( Believe me I am DAMN! sure about that).

Since then I am not talking to him and it will be so untill I choose to start the conversation. Besides he had no right to say that as I was driving and he was siting behind Harsh holding tight to the rear metal; I think he did not trust Harsh to drive him safe and alive to the destinations or whatever. And look at the nerve….teasing me…a COWARD. Well we talked this morning, SAP’s sake. Yeah I don’t know what happened but Manish and Sandip kept asking me to let them drive my vehicle but I wouldn’t let them as the breaks are broken and my Saffire is already in shatters. Besides I don’t trust guys with vehicles – mine or theirs. I was twice bitten (Thank god I am alive!), forever shy.

The TRC – Torrent Research Center was enormous. The place was neat and clean too. There are 600 scientists who work there in two shifts. There was a huge Garden behind the canteen that made Kanika to open her eyes wide. Food was bad. Divya was enjoying by teasing all others……cool, tension-free she is! Sometimes just like me….except that she doesn’t read 😦 . She kept on teasing Kaushal, who was on lunch-time call (DUHH!), and was unaware of the potholes, gutter openings etc around him. Harsh explained the purpose of the LARGE metal pipes to us, which Divya said could burst any moment, but Kaushal said he doesn’t believe him. I think Gaurang and Jaymin were the silent lot.

The lecturer was a guy from SAP India. It was really a nice lecture – I enjoyed it because it involved J2EE (SAP NetWeaver). To talk more about it…I loved it. It was perfect. There was an enormous guy who was very knowledgable and a less enormous guy who was a little less knowledgable. I don’t know what you gather from that! Kanika slumbered off……she always does so I am not surprised but others who weren’t aware of this laughed to death. All of them later kept on asking her “Hey, kid how was the sleep?”. And she kept asking, “Hey, did Sir see me sleeping?” Poor Girl!

I think the evening sucked. We returned to HO at around 1700 hrs and I started for home at around 1915 hrs. The bloody rear tyre was punctured which pissed me off. I had to drag it to a garage, some 200 meters, run back to office and borrow some cash from Manish and Gaurang, rush back to the garage, wait for some 10-15 minutes for the mechanic fellow to fix up my tyre and then drive back home. As Mr. Murphy may say: When you want to go faster you always will have to slow down. I stopped 15 minutes at the railway crossing (because I wanted to reach home alive) and then at every other traffic signal (for the same reason) .I reached around 8:15 at home. Long day! Phew!

The day Nevertheless Rocked!!!

If anyone from the workplace bothers to comment, I am expecting the worst from Abhishek, Manish and Sandip and a wry smile from Kaushal.

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