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Do we really need e-books?

One of my real interests is reading. I love reading Maugham, Hemingway, Tolstoy, Gorky etc. I also have a disease called Bibliomania which means I cannot resist the temptation of buying and/or hoarding books. I tend to eventually dislike people who borrow books and do not bother to return them or return them in shabby condition. I am little orthodox too. First, I like literary authors of previous generations more than any modern contemporaries and second, I cannot read e-books.

I find e-books pain in neck, spine and ass. I cannot sit and read in front of computers and I would prefer to get a print. Besides I cannot carry my desktop on my bed, under the tree in the garden, on my couch etc. It pretty much restricts my movements. Besides having a hard-copy in your hand for reading means you are closer to the characters of the book. You move around with the book when the main character is restless. You shut the book close if you hate a situation; of course it can be embarrassing (the situation). I cannot walk with my desktop or thrash my computer, can I?

I also read with my head upside down and the book aligned to my convenience. The jaundiced book with its smell gives me the pleasure of reading. Besides I have a whole lot books on my shelf to boast of. It satisfies me when I am look at them and think of buying more. I am more content with physical books around me than those on my CD. How can I read when Nikolai Tesla’s electricity doesn’t work? Definitely candle is handier than an inverter.

But if I think pragmatically and analyze the pros and cons I realize that e-books are must. A person sitting in office will perhaps surf online and read. Today’s technological jobs have ensured that we do sedentary work in front of computers. An avid reader like me will perhaps consider the option of online-reading or PDF reading.

Apart from accessibility issues e-books seem to more cost-effective. They are available for download from the internet free of cost. Students who can’t afford to buy books (but definitely own computers with internet connection) will surely consider this option. They are also environmental friendly as they save a lot of trees. The downside is: Is this downloaded e-book authentic?

I read technical e-books as I find no reason to buy them. Again, the technology is fast paced and it is better to remain updated with online-help. Despite e-books having an upper-hand I would still prefer to read hand-held books solely for pleasure and convenience purposes.

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  1. Ankur Sakhuja
    September 11, 2006 at 8:13 pm

    i’m glad to find someone apart from me who hates to read e-books ^_^. rest assured, my inability to do so is even greater than yours, considering the fact that despite having to my access *two laptops* i still would like to have physical stuff in my hand to read something! even if it’s something technical (yes, i’m in a tech job), i make my office laserjets spit out papers of print when i am to read something! ^_^

  2. neo
    October 14, 2006 at 10:26 am

    One out of the box technical solution for people like you, from the technologist’s viewpoint:

    Use narattors, like microsoft narattor, for recording your books, convert it to MP3 and put them in MP3 Player or get one mobile phone with MP3 player.

    This will not only help you take your favourite book anywhere you want but you can feel characters closer, also it only takes rechargable batteries instead of inverter or candle. isn’t it a better idea then picking up your book and take the pain of managing it? your friends never needs to return the book either 🙂

  3. Shefali
    February 4, 2007 at 6:22 am

    Unfortunately, reading a book and listening a book are never the same experience.

    Nevertheless, it is worth a try provided someone gifts a mobile or a MP3 player. 😉

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